Anonymous said: what are scorpio's insecurities?


I didn’t want to answer this right away, because I really had to think about it, but here they are:

  1. We worry that we are not like our sign. I have so many worried Scorpios on here telling me that they don’t feel seductive or brave or magnetic. We doubt ourselves because we can’t see ourselves through the lens that everyone else does.
  2. We worry that people don’t like us for who we truly are, but only a fragment of what they see. We want to be known.
  3. We worry that people are going to leave us, or get bored with us, or irritated with our unpredictability. Or maybe that one day, we just won’t be good enough.
  4. We worry that we aren’t beautiful, because we value beauty. We see beautiful people in the world and we wonder, will I ever be like them?
  5. We worry that we are not worthy of love. 
  6. We worry that we will be stuck in darkness forever, and because of that, we will never see happiness or love. We worry that it will ruin us, that we will be broken forever.

    These are the main things that I can think of, but Scorpios each have their own unique little insecurities. I’ve always thought that I was unattractive because I wore glasses, but really, that makes no sense. Little things like that. I hope this helps! xoxo






Tell me about it, stud

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They’re losing control


Anche a costo di perderti

…anche a costo di perderti.
Sto imparando a fottermene di tutto e di tutti perché è così che si va avanti nella vita.

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eeeeeeeeeh macarena pt. 2

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this is what changed their mind

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